Current Updates-March 16, 2020

In order to ensure the continued health of our patients, we are suspending nonessential or non-urgent dental care for the next 14 days. The health and welfare of our patients and our staff are the utmost priority and we want to do our part to limit the spread of the coronavirus, to reduce patient hospitalizations and lessen the strain on resources needed to treat patients. I value your assistance in making this a smooth transition. I appreciate your commitment to working together to get through this difficult time.

We will continue to be available as needed for limited emergency care and services. 

Our collective actions now will determine the spread of COVID-19, and this recommendation is being made after careful deliberation and in consultation with state and national public health experts. 

In short, to help “flatten the curve” and ensure the continued health of our patients, staff and doctors. The COVID-19 pandemic is putting a strain on all health care facilities and resources locally and nationally due to the increasing number of affected individuals.

Dr. Curtis Pon and Dr. Robert SooHoo

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